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by Tug Agency | 07.10.2010
HTML5 has been considered by the vast majority of web developers as the next big thing in SEO. With more than a decade without major changes in the HTML Code, the implementation of HTML5 could stir things up a bit in the SEO industry.

It’s my personal opinion that any search marketing agency wanting to achieve results for their clients needs to keep a close eye on the new developments of HTML5.

And why is HTML5 so special?

The developers of Mozilla and Opera are the masterminds behind HTML5, especially in the new format for videos that has the potential to make Flash technology obsolete and create new possibilities for the positioning of videos in search engines.

For starters HTML5 is compatible across multiple platforms, and because they operate under a royalty-free right, the new technology is being adopted by almost all manufacturers of web-software and hardware. One of the problems of Flash and Silverlight, is the lack of compatibility with certain browsers and the negative effects SEO-wise. The new HTML5 with its VP8 and WebM format will allow the publication of free online videos and also help search engines and algorithms understand the content and structures of a website. This can improve the accessibility of a web page and loading speed, which is now being considered by some search engines as a new SEO factor.

In recent months, Apple has received criticism for not using the Flash technology in their products. Curiously, Apple said yes to the new HTML5 format … Could this be the end of Flash?