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The student who made a fool of You Tube in only three hours

by Tug Agency | 16.09.2010
It all started last Thursday, with a harmless bet in a college dorm at Stanford.  Feross Aboukhadijeh is the name of our hero here.  He challenged his roommate that he could improve YouTube’s search engine.  The feat consisted of doing something something similar to what  Google had acomplished a few days before by releasing Google Instant (results appear at the same time as users begin to type what they want to find).

Three hours:
Feross lost the bet, because it took three hours for him to create YouTube Instant, and he  promised that it would be ready in one hour. Through their Twitter, Facebook accounts and his blog, they announced to the world their achievement.

In just 24 hours, he was in the homepage of hundreds of technology sites, highlighting not only what he, a student, had achieved, but the flaws of Google as a company, having invested hundreds of hours and loads of money to create what a kid did in his room in about the same time it takes to watch Avatar.

To complete the humiliation Feross rejected a job offer from You Tube, beacuse he already works for Facebook