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IP Delivery – Different content for different countries

by Tug Agency | 15.09.2010
Called IP Delivery is the technique to show by default, a specific content to users in a specific countries. For example, for users from U.S. English content tailored to their country, or for German users content that may be of interest to the Germans.

A clear example of IP Delivery is Google’s own site, which also takes into account the language of the browser to make it consistent with the language displayed to the user.

In this video Maile Ohye from Google shows us how to display different content depending on the user’s location by detecting the IP and showing content based on the user’s area.

When using these techniques it is important to always give users the option to choose a different language, as he/she might be interested in a language different to the one spoken in their country, or different to the default configuration of the browser they are using

One of the things we should not do is show a different content for Google’s robot IP, as this would be considered Cloaking and could result in the banning of the site as soon as they realize.

The most coherent way to display the different languages is to use different domains TLDs (,, or different subdomains (,, for each one of them.