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Google ACE coming to UK?

by Tug Agency | 14.09.2010
Following on from a blog posted by Vicky a while ago, I thought I would give an update on the whole Google ACE situation. Just to recap, Google ACE is a free Google Adwords tool that has been created to help us PPC account exec’s (as well as all Adwords users) with the overall testing/implementation of new keywords, bids, ad groups, placements & Ad copies within an Adwords campaign.

It has been used in the US for the past couple of months and after doing a bit of research, the feedback from the US is very positive for this new & exciting tool. Here is a quote from the official Adwords blog: “Following a successful launch in the U.S., AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) is starting to roll out globally. For those outside the U.S., this is a rolling launch so you should see it within a week or so.”

So I will stay on the look out for this new tool and whether Google sticks to their UK launch deadline. Once it is here I will be informing you all about the ins and outs and whether it deserves a big thumbs up!

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