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Google Instant

by Tug Agency | 09.09.2010
A couple of weeks ago we published an article on how Google was testing search results in real time through a video of a user who was able to record and upload it to the internet before Google could make it official.

Google revealed Google Instant, this could change everything we know about search engines so far, as the search results will automatically load as we write.

It seems that once again we SEOs must adapt to the new changes made by Google, and Matt Cutts warns us in his twitter: “Oy. Instant != death of SEO. SEO has change as a core part, and a good SEO recognizes, adapts, even flourishes with change.”

Matt Cutts answers a really important question with another tweet, what about impressions and how does it works?

“How ad impressions work w/Instant: Basically: a click, selecting a query, or 3 second pause after typing”

As an SEO I don’t worry at all…. Like he said “good SEO recognizes, adapts, even flourishes with change.”

– Carlos is an SEO executive for the search marketing agency Tug Search