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Gmail Priority Inbox

by Tug Agency | 07.09.2010
Google announced a new feature for Gmail, the option to give priority to certain emails, or what they call Priority Inbox.

When activated, Google ranks your emails supposedly more important in the top bit, and the least important at the bottom. The idea is that  you will always have the emails that interest you the most right in front of you.

This mail management is done using emails that you’ve read earlier, emails you’ve answered or mails you’ve marked as favorites. They also added two more icons ‘gmail+’ and ‘gmail-‘ with which you can mark if an email is important or not.

The ‘Gmail Priority Inbox’ can be activated when you click on the ‘New Priority Inbox’ link that you’ll see when you access your gmail account

And here is the video :

I personally prefer to keep my email as it is, in order of arrival, but I guess for people that receive hundreds of emails every day (75% spam) ‘Gmail Priority Inbox’ will save them loads of time…