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LG Pitches up against Apple’s iPad

by David Brooks | 20.08.2010
LG have announced that they will be creating a new tablet based on Google’s mobile operating system, Android. In an interview with Wall Street Journal for an article, the marketing VP made a claim that it would be “better than the iPad”. They have said that their tablet will not only be focused on viewing content but also creating content, he said “It’s going to be surprisingly productive”.  The US is going to be the key market, they have yet to state their situation in Europe for the new tablet. LG have also let it be known that they are determined to be a big player in the smartphone market and will be delivering devices next year with Nvidias Duel Core processors among other features. LG have released a number of mid and low range Android Smartphones but are yet to deliver a high speced big player in the Smartphone market. Read more over at Wall Street Journal.