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Facebook Places Announced

by David Brooks | 19.08.2010
New Facebook News eh? Personally i think its time for Facebook to calm down on the new features and just marvel in its success…..but no…..they just keep on giving us these little treats! This particular treat allows me to continue my long standing rant on ‘privacy’ and ‘over-sharing’. Fair enough, these are things we have to opt into and noone was holding a gun to my head when i signed upto facebook; im nosey – case closed; but i still find Facebook Places more irritating than pioneering!

This feature shares information on the location of us Facebook users and our online friends, once we opt-in to the service. The idea is that we “check in” at locations which will then be shared with our friends and Facebook network.

Get this bit though – “Users will also be able to browse shops, clubs and nearby venues to see which friends are nearby”. I mean, this is any stalkers dream!

Im not a fan……but before i go, one final nugget – Its only available in the US! Well blow me down!!!