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Google Preview Chrome Web Store

by David Brooks | 18.08.2010
Gamescom is currently taking place over in Germany and on Monday Google were at the conference previewing Google Chrome Web Store and its gaming credentials. It seems Google are making a big push into the gaming market, they showed off both Chromes Gaming possibilities and the advantages of it’s Chrome Web Store. They began the conference talking about the benefits of using Chrome for gaming , mainly revolving around its speed and why developers should be excited about the new App Web Store. They then went on to show both screenshots and videos of Games playing on Chrome and also screenshots of what the Web Store will look like (which some have already stated looks like the Apple App Store) This could be the beginning of a big push from Google into In Game marketing which Microsoft have been doing for a while. Google have also purchased a number of online Game developers. See below for a video from the conference or read more at