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Tweet button officially launched by Twitter

by Neil Goddard | 13.08.2010
Yesterday Twitter announced the launch of the official tweet button, which allows users to tweet content without leaving the page they are on.  Once the tweet button is clicked a tweet box appears with an already shortened link of the page you are tweeting, then it’s just a case of adding to your tweet and sending it off.  Once sent, you even have the option of following two twitter users recommended by the site you are tweeting from, which can be selected in Twitter’s handy Tweet button builder.

The builder allows the website owner to customize the tweet button before placing it onto the site, options include changing the appearance of the button, selecting optional text to pre-populate the tweet box with and the language.  An added option as mentioned above is the ability to suggest two tweeters for the user to follow after they have tweeted the content, which is a great way to retain users that are interested in your content in a quick and easy manner.