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Local SEO: finding regional directories

by Tug Agency | 10.08.2010
When searching for regional/local directories in different countries, one of the best ways to proceed is using the Google Maps results and then follow the below steps:

  • Open Google in the specific language (i.e
  • Type the keyword (i.e Museos en Madrid)
  • Go to Google Maps results
  • Go through the list of websites listed in the Google Maps results clicking on the more info option for each entry
  • Google Map Results for searching local directories
  • You will be able to get a list of websites where Google has collected information about the website, just click on the More details link under the Details section  (you may be able to see few of the local directories before you open the entire list)
  • Finding Local Directories in Google Maps
  • Emulate your competitors’ entries in those local directories making sure you use keywords in the categories and descriptions
Local search not only helps your website to get listed at the top of local results in universal results, but also plays an important role in Mobile Search