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Google’s ACE……..No really, its a new tool!

by David Brooks | 06.08.2010
Google have been getting all excited on their blog about a their new free application AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE). ACE allows us to test and measure the impact of changes to our keywords, bids, ad groups and placements …………. and by ‘us’ i do in fact mean ‘as always anyone in the US’.  hmmph!!

Anyway, partial jealousy aside, i digress, with ACE, experimental campaigns run side-by-side with the original campaign in a simultaneous split test. This approach should let you run shorter tests that start and stop whenever you like, with less concern about your results being affected by seasonality or other factors. Potentially you get more precise impact estimates and more chances throughout the year to test and improve performance.

Great, thanks for that Google, let me know when its in the UK. Right now i will get back to my brew and good old school optimisation!!