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Android Top Selling Smartphone OS in America

by David Brooks | 05.08.2010
The NDP Group in America have reported that Android is now the top selling Smartphone OS in the US. They’ve attributed this to the new handset innovations by both HTC and Motorola. Last quarter Android accounted for 33% of smartphones sold, followed up by Blackberry with 28% and Apple’s iPhone in third place with 22%. With a number of new high spec handsets from Samsung and Motorola the Smartphone OS share for Android is expected to rise even further.  The following is what Ross Rubbin, executive director of industry analysis for NPD had to say:

“For the second consecutive quarter, Android handsets have shown strong but slowing sell-through market share gains among U.S. consumers, “While the Google-developed OS took market share from RIM, Apple’s iOS saw a small gain this quarter on the strength of the iPhone 4 launch.”

“Blackberry 6 will soon offer features that have been popular in recently launched Android handsets, such as support for capacitive touchscreens and a WebKit-based browser. However, the Blackberry Torch lacks the large screen allure that has characterized the best selling Android devices at its price point, including the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G,”

Read the official press release from NPD here. With this news, it is now more important than ever to include Android devices for your Mobile Search Services.