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Google Adds Places to Maps Android App

by David Brooks | 29.07.2010
Google have been updating their Map App on Android quite frequently recently with the addition of a number of new features including a free GPS Navigation feature. The latest addition to Google Maps on Android is a new Places section which allows users to search for Restaurants, Petrol Stations, Hotels and more. Users can then plot the place on Google Maps or navigate straight to the place you’ve just found. The Place’s listing pages are based on the traditional Google Places with Reviews, Deals, Menus, Contact Details and more. Many people see this as Google’s version of Yelp after they failed to buy them late last year for supposed offer of $550 million. The new Places section will also feature it’s own launcher icon like that of Navigation. The new update for Google Maps on Android is available for all 1.6 devices and above. Read the official announcement here.