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Steve Jobs Says: People don’t use Mobile Search, they use Apps

by Nick Beck | 21.07.2010
Google’s director of emerging platforms Mike Steib’s response: “Steve Jobs says that people don’t use mobile search; they use apps. What do you say to that?” Steib, laughing and shaking his head, responded, “Does Steve Jobs sit on panels and hear what Mike Steib has to say about mobile phones?”  “Bullsh*t! That’s what I say to that.”

The article goes on to suggest that Apps are just a bridging technology – that ultimately all will come back to the web. It seems very old fashioned to download something and have to update it regularly – why can’t that content/application exist on the web? When Apps become totally mainstream won’t they just become a commodity with ever decreasing margins as competition picks up? After reading this I’m starting to agree with Google… One to think about….

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