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iPhone 4 Press Conference Live

by David Brooks | 16.07.2010
Apple will host a press conference in 1 hours time (18:00 GMT) to address the antenna problems on their new flagship device, the iPhone 4. There has already been a number of presumptions on the blogosphere with what may or may not be said, the following are a selection of possibilities which have been discussed:

  • Apple will admit there is a problem and promise a free replacement service
  • Apple will recall all the iPhone 4’s with the hardware problems (a very expensive solution for Apple)
  • Apple will provide users with a gift certificate for the Apple Store, so you can then buy yourselves a bumper (of if you fancy a bit of DIY – some ducktape!)
  • Apple will remain adamant that there is no problem and that it is present on every other phone in the market
  • Apple will claim that their latest software update (4.1) has fixed the issue

We’ll update this blog post once the press conference is over. There is live coverage of the conference over at Engadget.