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Twitter: The basics

by Tug Agency | 14.07.2010
Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service–a way to contact many people all at once. A user can write 1 or 2  sentences(140 characters limit) to pass along information to anyone “following” them.

Here are the main terms while using Twitter:

Twitter Handle: Also called Username

To-Follow: To subscribe to someone’s updates on Twitter. You do this by clicking the “Follow” button on that specific person’s Twitter page, which can be found at (Insert the specific person’s username into the URL, like ( When you follow someone, their updates will be displayed on your Twitter page so you know what they are doing.

Follower: A person who has subscribed to receive your updates. You can see your total number of followers on your Twitter profile page

Update: Also known as a tweet. They can be no longer than 140?characters. You post your update in the white text box under “What are you doing?”

@Reply: A public message sent from one Twitter user to another by putting @USERNAME at the beginning of the tweet

Direct Message (or DM): A private message sent from one Twitter user to another by either clicking the “message” link on their profile or typing D USERNAME

Twitter Stream: A list of a person’s real?time updates. Every time you post an update, it goes into your Twitter stream, which is found on your account page also at

Hashtag(#): A tool to aggregate the conversation surrounding an event or theme. Created by combining# as a prefix to the word, acronym or phrase (#WORD).

Retweet(or RT): To repeat what someone else has already tweeted. People do this if someone has said something especially valuable and they want their own network to see the information too. (Example: Retweet @USERNAME: Check out this cool resource).

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