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A few changes for Google Maps

by Tug Agency | 13.07.2010
It seems that some users have been experimenting with the appearance and “placement” of Google Maps, advertisements and results in the serps of Google Local. Perhaps they are just tests and that’s it, or maybe they will be implemented, these are some screenshots:

We can see in the screenshots that the changes are quite significant:

– The map has been moved from the central position to the right sidebar, moving down the adwords results.
– The organic results are slightly larger than the local search results.
– When you scroll down the map remains on the right.
– The local search results show on the snippets the “meta descriptions”
– The reviews from all users are shown in the local search results.

From my perspective these changes are quite significant, because it shows a very successful merger of organic results, local results and adwords, in short, things look well integrated.

Also the map focuses attention on the right sidebar, having at the bottom the paid advertisements, which makes them look quite similar to the organic results.

What do you think of these changes if they do get implemented?