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iAds begin to emerge on the iPhone

by David Brooks | 06.07.2010
Numerous reports are coming in around the web of the new iAds on Apple’s iPhone appearing in the wild. Macrumours have a hands on a new iAd by Nissan about the new Leaf car. See below for a quote from Macrumours and a video showcasing the new Ad on the iPhone:

“Last week, we noted that developers had begin incorporating support for Apple’s iAd mobile advertisements into updates for their applications, with a few applications starting to show placeholder banners and test ads ahead of the program’s official launch on July 1st. Right on time, iAd advertisements have begun to go live, although their presence appears to be very spotty on iAd-compatible applications at the moment with banners appearing only occasionally while at other times the apps simply show blank space in the banner location.

One iAd we’ve run across (in Tiptitude) is for the Nissan Leaf, a forthcoming electric car set to launch in December of this year but already receiving considerable buzz and reservation interest. The ad should be no surprise, as it was demoed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during his keynote at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference early last month….”