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Are Google Copying Bing? Heck!

by David Brooks | 24.06.2010

As Microsoft launched its Bing Entertainment search hub, look who else might be rolling out a music service, tied in with its search engine of its own. There’s a  rumor in the ranks which was started a couple of days before the Bing Entertainment launch and has since been jumped on by the whole damn world.

If you arent up to speed; Bing Entertainment is a deep contextual search engine. It was build based on the fact that;

“Ten percent of search queries are entertainment-related,” Bing said on its blog post.  This is why the search engine has gone full power on its new entertainment-centric tool. So the idea behind this new service is to attract all fun/entertainment/multimedia-related searches to one single destination on Bing’s dedicated site

Anyway, this is a blog about Google not Bing,  i digress, So, So far, Google was offering streaming music on its platform via its partners, Pandora and iLike. However, the WSJ report said that the company is now looking to integrate its own music services to its search platform. Apparently, the search giant is set to unveil the music service “later this year, followed by an online subscription service in 2011.” Apparently, Google has been pushing talks with record labels to offer music via phones running on Android. well well!!


Google is  already at odds with Apple the operating platform issue of iPhone vs Android. Apple is also said to be ready to leave Google for Bing in terms of search engine offer for its iPhone. Apple have already let Bing through the door by making it one of the search engine choices for Safari. All this entertainment lark would add to the list of griefs…