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AdWords Campaign Experiment – BETA

by Ollie Vaughan | 24.06.2010
GoogleAn important part of running a successful PPC campaign is the constant testing of bids, adcopy, keywords etc. However, it is sometimes  difficult to know 100% whether the changes in results that happened during your test were specifically down to the changes you made. For example, if you increased your bids by 10p and at the same time as this saw an increase in conversions, you would assume that this was due to your bid increase, however, it could just be a coincidence and actually the increase in conversions was due to your competitors reducing their advertising spend on AdWords. To conquer this problem Google are currently testing a new AdWords feature in the US called AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE). Google describes it as this:

“ACE allows you to test and measure changes in real-time by executing your experimental campaign alongside your original campaign. By performing this type of simultaneous split test, we can tell you precisely if your Search and Content campaign changes produce statistically significant results”.

Essentially, this tool will enable users to allocate a percentage of exposure directed to the experiment settings to test against your original settings in real time.

This is another great tool by Google, that Tug cant wait to use when it is in the UK!