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The Yahoo / MSN Transition Explained (US/Canada)

by Ollie Vaughan | 22.06.2010

The Yahoo/MSN merger sent out a powerpoint presentation to US advertisers this week, detailing how the transition will work in the US/Canada. This includes a timeline for the changeover and a graphic on how the two companies will work together.

The benfits they give are outlined here:

They have also siad that the best 3 ways to make the transition are as follows:

  1. Keep your adCenter account and augment — easiest with fewest steps.
  2. Create a new adCenter and import your third party structure — best for streamlining accounts with a large number of campaigns.
  3. Create a new adCenter account and import your Yahoo structure – recommended if you have no adCenter account.

Finally they gave the following graphic to explain what the two sides of the alliance will working on: