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Facebook PPC & its Pretty Splendid Demographic Targeting

by David Brooks | 11.06.2010
The offerings from Google, Yahoo and MSN in terms of demographic targeting have always been a bit of a shambles. I mean, how accurate can they be? Well, they’ve all been a bit rubbish really. Google Content network can target demographically but targeting is based on data provided by website owners describing their target audience & not data from the visitors themselves.

Microsoft uses Windows Passport data to determine who’s searching, so searchers have to be logged in to their Passport in order for advertisers to target them. Plus this is only age and gender!

But wait…………here comes facebook with its nosey questions & personal details requests which we are all to quick to handover. It must have been like Christmas for our good old friends the Identity thieves. Nevertheless we handed over everything from our date of birth to our inside leg measurement & Hey presto we now have ourselves some pretty accurate demographic targeting! Plus being the most visited site on the web, looks like they are onto something doesn’t it? Yes it does!

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