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Bing Continues to Expand with New Features

by David Brooks | 09.06.2010
Well as Reported in an earlier blog post this week (thanks Dave) Bing Cashback is soon to be no more!! Lets all take a moment to wipe away a tear!!!…….but wait, all is not lost; Looks like Bing are preparing all kinds of fun for us to soften the blow!

Lets have a look shall we;

  • Apple have announced that “Bing will be included as one of the search engine choices within Safari on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and within the Safari browser on the Mac and PC.” Yipee
  • Bing also announced a SDK for developers to build Map Apps for Bing Maps. “Developers will now be able to build apps for Bing Maps and to enter the “King of Bing Maps Challenge” that will run through July 25th.”
  • Bing Map gives a sneaky peeky of its all Silverlight 4-supported platform. You can check out all of these novel new featurs at Bing Maps Blog
  • Weather Map App; You can select a point on the map and get weather info! Nifty! Sort of!

Well there are a few more bits and bobs to look forward to but we will keep you posted!

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