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Google IO 2010 – Day 1 Roundup

by David Brooks | 20.05.2010
So Day 1 is officially over at the Google I/O developers conference 2010, so let’s have a recap of what’s been released by Google.

First of all Google Wave was made available to the public and is now out of closed beta, if you want to try out Google Wave yourself headover to the Wave website and login with your Google account.

Next on the agenda was the release of a new open video format for the web called Open WebM based on a video codec known as VP8.  Both Chrome and Firefox will support this new video format as of today. The new format also has a vast array of supporters including AMD, Nvidia and Qualcomm. Videos on YouTube will also be available in this format. Google have also said that this codec will work with lower power devices such as tablets, netbooks and mobile phones.

The last big release of the day was the Google Chrome Web App Store which will provide Chrome users with both paid and free web apps which are similar to what you will find on mobile phones like the iPhone. This will also support the new Chrome OS once released. Take a look at some screenshots of a featured web app called Sports Illustrated here.

That’s all the big releases for Day 1, keep an eye out for some exciting releases on Day 2! Expected releases today include the new Google TV based on Android, the new Android Froyo 2.2 update with full Flash support and a new preview of Chrome OS.