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Android Overtakes iPhone Market Share in the US

by David Brooks | 11.05.2010
Engadget have reported that Android has now overtaken the iPhone’s market share in the US. Android now has 28% of the smart phone market share, the iPhone follows Android with 21% and RIM (Blackberry) are still number one with a strong 36%. This is a massive growth for Google’s mobile OS which was struggling to compete with the iPhone in late 2009. This growth is most likely due to strong carrier support – Verizon for example were recently offering buy 1 get 1 free. It is also expected that Android will continue to grow as new handsets are released such as the HTC Evo (the 1st 4G phone to grace America) and the recently released Droid Incredible. So Android could continue to grow and even beat Blackberry in the top spot. Read more at Engadget.