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How do I find quality backlinks?

by Tug Agency | 19.04.2010

Link generation is the primary method to increase both your search engine positioning and also your traffic.

When it comes to the inbound links themselves, they can be in various formats. Ideally, you should be obtaining different types of one-way links to your websites to increase the diversity. The following are a few examples of the different types of backlinks available.

Inbound links from blogs:

These come from posting blog comments. If you find a blog that is related to your industry/service/products, you can leave a useful and constructive comment (not spam e.g. ‘I like this’ or ‘excellent read I will come back here often’ or simply ‘well done’), including targeted keywords as your name and a URL to link back to your site.

One-way links from forums:

These are simply one-way links that come from your forum profiles themselves. The backlinks are dropped inside your BIO / signature with your own anchor text.

Inbound links from web 2.0 sites:

These are backlinks from websites such as squidoo and hubpages and these types of backlink can rank very well. You can take advantage of articles here that include your keywords in the ‘title’ and 2/3 time in the article body. You can insert URL inbound links with anchor and also RSS feeds.

Another important thing is to get these links indexed!

Ping your links to the top RPC directories

What pinging does is to inform the search engine that your new content is available on various sites via RPC. These sites have huge amounts of updates, thus are crawled frequently by the search engines.