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Google Webmaster Tools now showing clickthrough data

by Neil Goddard | 16.04.2010
GoogleGoogle Webmaster Central released a blog post on Wednesday detailing an update to their Top Search Queries feature in webmaster tools.  The update introduces clickthrough rate data and percentages based on impressions for individual search queries.  Previously the Top Searches feature simply showed the average position a website appeared for particular search terms.

The new feature allows users to see a breakdown of the number of impressions and clickthroughs for each Search Engine position in which a site has appeared for a particular keyword.  The number of keywords has also been greatly increased from the 100 top search terms prior to the update into the thousands.  How accurate the data is remains to be tested but this is fantastic new addition to the features of Google’s Webmaster Tools.

See the following extract from Google’s post:

“Now you can click on a given search query in the Top search queries report to see a breakdown of the number of impressions and the amount of clickthrough for each position that your site’s pages appeared at in the search results associated with that query. Impressions are the number of times that your site’s pages appeared in the search results for the query. Clickthrough is the number of times searchers clicked on that query’s search results to visit a page from your site.”

See the full post at Google Webmaster Central