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Eric Schmidt: Mobile Is The Future

by David Brooks | 14.04.2010
TechCrunch were at the Atmosphere event earlier where Quentin Hardy (National Editor of Forbes Media) conducted an interview with Googles Eric Schmidt. TechCrunch have noted down what was said at the event, see below for a quote from TechCrunch.

“Q: How do you see Google on the ground level, in those areas where despite conditions everyone has a mobile phone?
A: We see ourselves as platform provider not content providers. One of the thing I’m most proud of in the next few years, more than a billion people will get mobile phones who have never had a mechanism of communication outside of their village. Outside of the US we’ve worked hard on SMS search. Also have a feature phone focus around these browsers. Most people in the future will access internet mostly from mobile device.

Q: Where do you see Google in 3-5 years?
A: We’re growing so we’ll have more people and operations. We will be a larger company, a larger footprint. In search, there are a lot of things in the web that are close to AI. Google Googles, automatic page translation in Google Chrome. That kind of technology is as close to magic as I can imagine. We’re close to moving this information explosion to the next level. We operate with the assumption people will carry with them a mobile device with them at all times, and that there are applications we can build/people will build on our platform that will allow people to be more productive, more fun…..”

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