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Google Introduce Remarketing

by David Brooks | 08.04.2010
Google has officially opened up the new Remarketing feature on AdWords, which has been in beta for a number of months. This new system allows advertisers to place code on selected pages of their website, which will track visitors. The advertiser can then retarget that visitor by displaying an ad on the Content Network when they are using another site.  This can be from 30-120 days after the user visited the page on the website. The system will also allow advertisers to mix codes, for example if a user visited a product page and then went on to convert they could target that user by using the code on the product page and the sales code on the confirmation page. See below for a quote from the Google Blog:

“Imagine you’re a travel company, and you’re trying to excite users during the holiday season about deals to tropical Caribbean destinations. Users may come to your website, browse the offers and think about booking a trip, but decide that the deal is still not cheap enough. Then, they continue to browse the web. If you later decide to offer discounted deals to the Carribean, how do you reach these users who have already expressed interest in travelling there?

To help you do this, this week we’re rolling out a new feature called remarketing. Any AdWords advertiser can use remarketing to reach users as they’re browsing the web on sites within the Google Content Network. Remarketing is a simple way to connect with users, based on their past interactions with your website…”

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