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Bing Announce New Features for Spring

by David Brooks | 26.03.2010
Yesterday at SES New York, Bing announced a host of new features including a new box which will come up in search results which will include videos, pictures, maps and more. See below for a quote from the Bing Blog:

“To start we wanted to focus on doing more to help users with the tasks they turn to search to help them with. Our research showed that 42% of sessions require refinements, searching sessions are getting longer, and we see that many of those refinements happen when trying to complete common tasks. At launch, we introduced Quick Tabs in the Explore Pane (left rail) to give customers 1-click tools to help refine queries and help them go from question to decision. For example, when planning a trip, Quick Tabs anticipate the intent of the task a customer wants to accomplish and provide shortcuts for key planning activities such as weather, events, and maps. These quick tabs adapt based upon the user intent, and match the things you would expect when looking for a travel destination. The goal is to help you make a more informed decision with less time and effort….”

Read the rest at the Bing Blog.