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Motorola replace Google with Bing for Chinese Android-based phones

by David Brooks | 11.03.2010
TechCrunch have reported that Motorola are to replace Google with Bing on the new Android mobile phone in China, following Google’s recent developments in China.  TechCrunch says:

“If I were a spit takin’ man, I’d do a spit take right now. Motorola, stalwart of freedom, will work with Chinese carriers to add Bing to Chinese Android-based phones, ousting Google Search and Maps from the scene. Now this isn’t meanness on Motorola’s part although Reuters notes that this move could have something to do with that whole Great Chinese Google Hacking Incident a few weeks ago….”

Personally, I couldn’t imagine a Google Android phone with Bing, but who am I to complain!

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