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Dads and their dancing skills

by Faye Daffarn | 09.03.2010
Has anyone ever wanted their Dad to dance in public.  Has anyone ever wanted their Dad to dance in public, and then video it??  Well apparently The Jamaica Tourist Board is doing just that – encouraging kids to not only laugh at their Dad’s most cringe inducing dancing, but to capture the moves as part of a new digital marketing campaign.

The campaign is called ‘Totally Dad Dancing’, which gives families the chance to win a holiday in Jamaica.  The work targets children directly following research that shows that teenagers play a huge part in influencing where their family goes on holiday.

The videos of ‘Dad dancing’ are uploaded to a dedicated website, and entrants are being encouraged to share there via social networking sites.   The most toe curling will be selected for the top prize.  The poor Dad then has to re-inact it as part of a “dance rehabilitation” course, whilst on holiday.