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Bigmouthmedia merger with LBi

by Faye Daffarn | 25.02.2010
Big news today folks…big news for the Bigmouths at Bigmouthmedia that is.  I saw the tweets come flooding in this morning at about 9am, shortly followed by the official press release which reported the merger of LBi and Netherlands-based Obtineo (amalgamation of Bigmouthmedia plus €40m from capital investors) and I have to say it’s no big surprise.  It has been on the cards since Phil Gripton came on board as MD and then Mark Bole, who replaced the the original Bigmouth, Steve Leach as CEO late last year.

I started my online career with  Global Media back in 2004 and so was there through the merger of Global Media and Bigmouthmedia back in 2006, in a move engineered by the Carlyle Group, estimated to have been worth EU 60m.  That was a fantastic move for bigmouthmedia and so I wait to see what happens to them going forward.  Interesting times!