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Twitter hits 50 Million Tweets per day

by Ollie Vaughan | 23.02.2010
Twitter has today hit the landmark of hitting over 50 million tweets sent per day. This is over 20 times the volume of traffic the site was  generating only a year ago, and means that is now passes myspace that is estimated to be hitting around 33 million status updates below. The Brand Republic had this to say:

“The growth in tweets has put Twitter ahead of MySpace which is estimated to be hitting about 33 million status messages per day. In January 51.6 million unique users visited MySpace in the US, according to Nielsen, compared to 21.79 million unique users that visited Twitter. The data suggests that while Twitter has an overall lower number of users they are more communicative.

The leap to 50 million tweets per day, or 600 tweets per second, which does not include spam, shows the huge growth the service has notched up in the space of three years.

In 2007 Twitter users were racking up just 5,000 tweets a day. By 2008 that figure had grown to 300,000 and to 2.5 million per day in 2009. Last year proved to be the microblogging service’s breakthrough year growing to 35 million representing an annual growth rate of 1,400%.

However, Twitter is still a long way behind social networking leaders YouTube and Facebook. YouTube is estimated to be serving as many as 1 billion videos per day…”

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