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My Fave facts from SES

by Nick Beck | 19.02.2010
I was lucky enough to attend some of the SES talks in London on Thursday the 19th. Here are some key fact from my messy notes:

– In the new MSN/Yahoo search deal – Yahoo still keeps ownership of mobile search – they ain’t so dumb afterall

– Its 2010 and we are still all struggling to prove the worth of digital to grow brands. Maybe it was a mistake to emphasize the value of a click way back when… With big brands moving lots of digital spend to Facebook will they lead the charge?

– YouTube gets 1 Billion views per day

– Facebook now has 400 Milliion users

– Last year 240 Million web enabled phones were shipped and only 200 Million laptops – was 2009 finally the year for mobile?

– ‘cheap’ and ‘free’ are the most used search terms on the Apple app store – its like search engines in 1999!

– Apps in the apple store are starting to rank in Google

– Augmented reality – well its just really cool

– New mobile buzzword – ‘location based experience’

– In April 2011 European parliamnet has decreed that all cookies will be optin – what are we doing about it?

– There are currently 2M advertisers using adwords – there are only 50,000 display advertisers worldwide! How do we increase the longtail for display?