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Google Buzz Vs Yahoo Buzz …….. Erm!

by David Brooks | 11.02.2010
Well no, this isn’t accurate at all. Yes they have the same name and yes they are both social and that’s just about where the comparison ends! So what does our Brand Spanking New Google Buzz have to offer?? Well, nothing too spectacular if you ask me, which you didn’t, so lets take a little look closer!!!  With Google Buzz you can be Social from Gmail which will send email notifications of your status and photo updates to Buzz users; but you can also send updates to Twitter…..wooooop! Anyway, i personally know more hotmail account holders than Gmail and so we find ourselves at the first obstacle. The second being our old friend Facebook! Its going to take something a little more innovative to tear us facebook addicts away from trusty old reliable, and to do it with an open mind? Good luck Google!!

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