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New Google Chrome Release for Windows

by David Brooks | 25.01.2010
Google have announced the official release of a new stable version of Google Chrome for Windows which gives users the ability to add extensions (like add-ons for Firefox) and a new bookmark sync feature. See below for a quote from the Official Google Blog:

“Today we’re excited to introduce a new stable release of Google Chrome for Windows, which includes two of the browser’s most frequently requested features: extensions and bookmark sync.

Extensions let you add new features and functions to your browser. Some provide one-click access to some of your favorite web applications like eBay and digg, or news and information sources such as NPR and Others are useful tweaks for performing common online tasks such as browsing photos, getting directions or shopping.

We previously launched extensions on the beta channel, and many new extensions have since been contributed by developers from all over the world. Now you can browse over 1,500 in our extensions gallery and install them on the stable version of Google Chrome….”

Does this mean more people will start to move over from Firefox now extensions are available?? Tweet @tugsearch your thoughts! Download your new version of Google Chrome for Windows here.