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Bing and Google up the Stakes on Health Results

by David Brooks | 14.01.2010
Health CrossClever or Crazy? This post is dedicated to all my hypochondriac friends; We’ve all been there, it starts as a curious interest about an unusual symptom and just like that, you’ve self diagnosed yourself on the NHS website and only have a week to live. Well, in the name of quick information at our fingertips, Bing have introduced search filters at the top of the results page in response to medication queries. Ok, i agree, yes this is interesting and provides more detail of what can be expected from an illness and yes, if used with a little sensible perspective can be completely helpful and No, people won’t get carried away and scare themselves to death ,ahem, with unnecessary health verdicts! Hands up who thinks this will be the actual outcome?………… *cue tumbleweed*

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