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Some Big Brands missing a trick or two in search

by Nick Beck | 13.01.2010
‘- McDonalds obviously has a reputation management programme to cover off negative results for brand searches on the major engines. Type in McDonalds into Google and a whole series of McDonalds related micro-sites come up ensuring that negative stories/blogs/sites are pushed off the 1st page – pretty smart. However, if you type McDonalds into Google image search negative images are all over the place. Looks like McDonalds needs to keep up with the changing landscape and consider all avenues for reputation management.

РB&Q seem to be very innovative and internet savvy with their url: Their SEO strategy needs a review with their title tag for the Garden page simply being a long list of keywords (much too long for a title tag) and the one for d̩cor too short and not descriptive enough.

– is rated as the 59th (most important basically) website in SEOMoz top 500 sites however when you type “news” into they are all the way down on page 4. They are definitely missing a trick.

– Google is the classic example which funnily doesn’t show up in the organic listings for the search “search engine” while all their competitors do.