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Augmented Reality Marketing Q&A

by David Brooks | 12.01.2010
Rebecca Lieb from Econsultancy has done a Q&A with Adam Broitman of the New York based agency called; in which they talk about Augmented Reality and it’s future. See below for a quote:

Q: So let’s start at the top. What’s augmented reality, and how does it apply to marketing?

Adam Broitman:  The way augmented reality is being used today is not a proper definition of what it’s going to be. It’s overlaying digital information on a live digital feed. So in a football game you’d see the first down line on a football field when the players are playing. That’s not actually there. They’re overlaying information on a live video feed to augment the experience.

Other example of that are war movies when you see additional information that helps them navigate the world, for example. It’s overlaying of data on top of the real world……”

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