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Google Updates Translator

by David Brooks | 17.11.2009
Google have announced a new look Google Translate which includes a variety of new features including live translating, which means the system will translate as you type. See below for a list of new features as listed on the Google Blog:

  • Translate instantly: Say goodbye to the old “Translate” button. Google Translate now translates your text right as you type.
  • Read and write any language: Want to say “Today is a good day” in Chinese, but can’t read Han characters? Click “Show romanization” to read the text written phonetically in English. Right now, this works for all non-Roman languages except for Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.
  • Text-to-speech: When translating into English, you can now also hear translations in spoken form by clicking the Speaker Icon.

See below for a video from the Google Translate team: