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Erich Schmidt and Sergey Brin Talk Chrome, Android, Search & More

by David Brooks | 08.10.2009
Google co-founder Sergey Brin and CEO Eric Schmidt held an audience with a number of journalists in New York. They spoke about the Google Books settlement, antitrust scrutiny, Android, Chrome, innovations in search and the “evil room.” Below is a quote from TechCrunch who did some live notes of the event:

“Q: You keep adding to Chrome and nobody seems to be paying attention. If that is one of the places where the battle is fought you seem pretty far behind.

Sergey: Perhaps that is true in media . . .

Schmidt: let me, some of your assumptions about Chrome adoption are wrong. The adoption rate of Chrome is [very strong]. We are going to do a better job of getting that message out.

Schonfeld: Steve Ballmer calls it a rounding error, is it?

Schmidt: I don’t respond to Steve Ballmer questions. Next question?….”

Read the rest at TechCrunch.