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Tug Whitepaper: SMO & SEO

by David Brooks | 21.09.2009
Tug have released a new whitepaper about Social Media Optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation, in this whitepaper we talk about how you can use Social Media to assist your SEO Campaign. See below for a small quote from the whitepaper:

“The majority of social media websites will allow you to post links to a website, be this your website or a related website; this could be done using profiles, videos, pictures, blogs and more. It’s also worth noting that once a user has interacted with you on a social media website; it’s highly likely that they will link to your website at a later point; this could be on a forum or just an email. This can all result in an increase in both exposure and traffic, which will result in a higher page rank and therefore an improved search engine ranking….”

To read the full whitepaper head over to the Whitepaper section on the Tug website and select “Social Media Optimisation (SMO) for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)