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Twitter Report: 20% of Tweets Mentions Brand Names

by David Brooks | 16.09.2009

Fast Company Blog report that Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology have carried out research on Twitter looking for keywords. In the research they found that 20% of Tweets made mention brands. See below for a quote from the Fast Company Blog:

 “Twitter’s founder has indicated his lifecasting site won’t be getting into the advertising game anytime soon, but a survey has found something to indicate the contrary: 20% of Tweets mention a brand somewhere in their text.

The investigation was carried out by Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology–they scanned through half a million tweets and looked for keywords. Perhaps amazingly, some 20% of Tweets were requests for product info or responses to these. The Tweets were flowing between users and friends, or particular companies, and the comments were both positive and negative.”

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