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Flickr Release New iPhone App

by David Brooks | 08.09.2009
Flickr have released their long awaited iPhone App to the public, allowing it’s users to upload photos via an app instead of a web app. TechCrunch have looked at this new App on the iPhone and have written a short review on their thoughts and what the new app lets you do. See below for a quote from TechCrunch:

“Yahoo’s Flickr app has just gone live in the App Store. After only a little bit of time using it, I can tell that I’m going to like it. The main screen is a fairly mesmerizing slideshow of photos from your contacts on Flickr. There is an upload button that is easily accessible right on the main page, and the upload process is nice and easy. You can obviously name your picture and give it a description, but you can also easily manage what set to put it in, and what tags to give it. And the privacy settings are very clearly displayed on the upload page…”

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