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by David Brooks | 08.09.2009
Twitterers will be happy to hear that have announced it’s new URL shortneing service, This will give you 1 more character in your Tweet thanks to a new shorter URL. The two sites will continue to use the same system, so lookout for a new default URL shortening service at Twitter. See below for a quote from the Blog:

“A few weeks ago on the blog, we commented on our appreciation for short, concise domain names.  While the domain is almost as short as it gets, for some people, every character counts. With that in mind, today we’re announcing, powered by the platform. has the same short URLs, metrics, history, user accounts (you’ll have to login again, but your accounts will carry over), and customization you’ve come to enjoy on, all on a short, memorable domain.  In fact, any URL also works as a URL….”