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Search Engine Blind Test

by David Brooks | 10.08.2009
TechCrunch have reported on a new Blind Test for Search Engines, the website allows you to search both the web and images; it will then give you 3 results (Google, Yahoo and Bing in no particular order) you then choose a column of results and it will reveal the search engine you chose. Give it a go for yourself here.

See below for a quote from TechCrunch:

A few search engine experts we’ve spoken with over the years say that users tend to think Google results are better just because they’re from Google. If you take any search engine and put the logo on top, it tests better. So Yahoo results with a Google logo will always test better than, say, Google results with the Yahoo or Bing logo. People are just used to thinking about Google as the best search.

This search tool strips out all the branding, so you’re forced to really think about which results you like better. And early results showed a much more even distribution than Google’s 70% market share would suggest: Google: 44%, Bing: 33%, Yahoo: 23%…..”

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