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Flickr Revamp Image Search Offering

by David Brooks | 05.08.2009
Flickr have released a new revamped search results page with a host of new featues that improves its search capabilities. See below for a quote from the Flickr Blog:

“Today we’re pleased to announce a redesign of our search results page. The changes we’ve introduced make it easier to browse through the billions of photos and videos on Flickr, and to connect to the communities that help make sense of all those photos.

A good way to see what’s changed is to search for something right off the top of your head. Take this search for delicious rhubarb pie, for example.

Note the new “View” controls at the top of the page, these allow you to display the results in different sizes and formats. Both small and medium views have an ‘i’ icon on every thumbnail — click it to see more detailed information about a particular photo. We’re also doing some whiz bang stuff in the small view to take advantage of as much space as you have on your screen, just try resizing your browser to see…..”

Read the original article at the Flickr Blog.