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Industry Reacts to Yahoo-Microsoft Search Deal

by David Brooks | 31.07.2009
Search Engine Watch have asked the search community for their reactions about the Yahoo & Microsoft Search deal, see below for a quote from the article:

“Dr. Tomasz Imielinski, executive vice president of technology at hints that their could be room for other players to move ahead while Microsoft and Yahoo! spend time implementing the terms of their deal.

This news is a solid indication that the search market is healthy and growing across the board, and a core foundation of the online medium. But as far as Microsoft and Yahoo are concerned, the primary focus for both for 2009 and into 2010 will need to be on search integration – and not on search innovation. At Ask, our core focus will continue to be innovating for success by putting consumers – and search products – first.

hakia CEO Dr. Riza Berkan thinks that Google has nothing to worry about, at least from this deal.

Our perspective is this deal does not really change anything from the search precision point of view. We think that Yahoo! is actually more precise. From the business point of view, it will create more advertising opportunities, since the share will be at 30%. The advertisers will feel better because the exposure is wider. But as for business as usual, I don’t think there’s a significant change. The search problem is still there and google is still dominating. this won’t make a big diffference.”

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Econsultancy also have some more views from UK Experts.